List 1

One of the gifts I hinted at wanting for Christmas was the 52 Lists Project, which gives you weekly journaling inspiration and forces you to gaze inward. The book is split up into seasons – and I’m starting with List 1. Let’s see if I can do this for 52 whole weeks.

I lived fearlessly, carelessly and a bit irresponsibly in 2015. I’d never had a chance to do that before and I wanted to, no excuses. I knew going into November that I wanted to change some patterns in my life and develop healthier habits.

Read more often

Few things bring me as much joy as reading, but my heart hadn’t been in it for the longest time. Finally, in 2015, reading brought me great joy again. I’ve made a pretty lofty goal of reading 55 books this year. (I know many book bloggers easily read 100 or 150 a year, but that’s just never been a reality for me).

Choose food more thoughtfully

November marked a change in my eating habits. The food that I was eating left me feeling hungry and tired. My body couldn’t keep up with the more active lifestyle I was trying to lead on that fuel. I reached out to two of my best friends, both incredibly health conscious, to figure out how I could improve my approach to food. While I’m not on any kind of ‘diet,’ I am curbing my carb intake and focusing on vegetables and protein. So far, so good!

As a sub-goal, I am keeping track of all of my food/water intake and exercise on Fitbit. If you have an account, you should add me as a friend!

Go to bed, stupid!

I feel the best when I’m awake and moving at 5 am and can start my day at home well before I need to go to work. But I’m stubborn, and it’s hard to talk myself into going to bed early. I’m consciously going to bed at about 9:30 PM so I can have breakfast at home, read a book or even watch a movie before work. Having done this for a week now, I am convinced that this is the right thing for me.

Take better photos

Last year I had the goal of taking more photos. I did sort-of well with this. In order to really be happy with myself about my photography, I need to stop being self-conscious when I bust out my phone or my camera to take a photo, giving myself the time to get multiple shots so I can make sure I’m left with a great one.

Be better about saving

I spent this year without really saving any money at all. That isn’t sustainable and there are tons of ways to save money that I can easily do. Example… do my own nails! Doing my nails every 2 weeks at a shop is at least $60 (but closer to $80). I own something like 50 bottles of nail polish and love pampering myself at home. I’m asking the boyfriend to help keep me on track here (though my friend Lesley is helping out as well). If I can create good habits, this will become second nature. The long term goal is to buy a condo – and then a house!


Social media would have me believe that I’m one of the few setting resolutions/intentions for 2016 but that can’t be true. Does writing goals down make you feel more accountable to yourself? (I’m hoping it will for me!)


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