Running Outta Pages In Your Passport

I’ve got a few hours before my flight to Tokyo starts boarding. Which means I’m sitting at the airport, dealing with the, at-best, intermittent wifi and watching the other flights board and depart. The S gates at Seatac Airport know me well – I’m here every few months though generally just in the nick of time. Today I’m here early (or late, if you consider that I missed a flight for the first time in my life).

Rather than being upset about missing my flight – I’m looking at the positives:

  • I have enough time in Tokyo for a few hours of fun before I have to fly to Seoul
  • The only seats they had were business class! This means I get champagne, right?
  • Bad wifi means uninterrupted work-time
    • And if that doesn’t work out, reading time!
  • 4 pages away from a full passport

On a more serious note, the day has been quiet and calm. I’ve been sitting at Gate S2, supposedly my gate, and watching the flow of this airport unfold – the angry customer that needs a few managers to calm them down because they missed their flight/lost their bag/didn’t get a seat upgrade, the people scrambling to grab food before their flight, the people sleeping between flights, buying forgotten things at the Hudson News store or scrambling to get near one of the rare and mythical charging port stations at Seatac.

99% of the people I’ve seen walk by and spoken to at the airport today are people I will never see again, whose paths will lead away from mine. The same goes for those who will fly with me to Tokyo. But I have so much faith that their paths and my own will be wonderful, even if things don’t go as planned here and there.

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