We stood in the cold, scouting out the best view to capture Geysir erupting. I had both my phone and my Canon out to try to get the action on both of them. We stood in silence with ten or twelve people around us even after the first eruption. Then we waited for the second and the third.

Eruption! #iceland #geyser #stokkur #100danasreće #100daysofhappiness

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It felt very quiet and somber, like we were saving our energy bracing ourselves against the wind. Then all of a sudden, after the third eruption, my best friend says “giant fog penis” in reference to the fog slowly drifting away from Geysir. While I was trying to record the eruption. And then the three of us lose ourselves in laughter. It was a blessing that I got it on camera, even though at the time I joked that I’d find a way to dub over his commentary.

Geysir Blooper

IMG_4431 IMG_4430


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