Hraunfossar & Barnafoss

We accidentally visited the waterfalls on one of the coldest days in Iceland. As we drove there, we watched the temperature reading in the car drop and drop… all the way down to -1C.


There was a plaque at Barnafoss letting us know that the name for the waterfall comes from two boys who tried to cross a natural stone-bridge there and died. When their mother found out what happened, she destroyed the bridge so that nobody would ever have to drown there.

#fromwhereistand road trip day! first up: waterfalls

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I was so stunned by how blue the water was and how loud the waterfalls were – even before we reached the falls, walking up to them we had to raise our voices to speak to one another. This was the only waterfall we visited with a bridge across it, allowing you to look down and see the water rushing beneath your feet. It felt energizing standing in the middle of the bridge – it made me want to hike all around the waterfalls and spend as much time there as I could. We got lucky in our timing and made it to the waterfalls when only one other couple was there – we ran like wild to take photos and explore.

A video from the bridge: Barnafoss Video

IMG_4189 IMG_4191 IMG_4181 IMG_4196


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