2015.05 - Landakotskirkja - 8
2015.05 - Landakotskirkja -1
2015.05 - Landakotskirkja - 2

This was the first place I visited after I got my tattoo at Reykjavik Ink. I stopped in and the place was almost entirely empty. There were decorations – fresh flowers, tulle, ribbons – for a wedding meant to happen in a few hours. I feel like I spent hours sitting there, taking it all in. By the time I begun my walk back to the tattoo parlor, Felix’s piece was already completed.

If I had to pick, this was my favourite church to visit in Iceland.

2015.05 - Landakotskirkja - 6
2015.05 - Landakotskirkja - 3
2015.05 - Landakotskirkja - 5
2015.05 - Landakotskirkja - 7


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