Iceland Itinerary

In January, a calendar reminder popped up on Felix’s computer, reminding him to ask me to think about going to Iceland in May. It was meant to be a large trip – a huge group of friends – but it worked out that only three of us went.

The trip was a go, planned from May 2nd to May 10th. We rented an apartment so we could cook for one another and feel at home. The trip was planned so that I would be there for my best friend’s birthday – I’d never been able to spend his birthday with him before, to give him his gift in person.

The Trip Itinerary
May 2nd: Fly to Iceland
May 3rd: Pick up rental car, walk around Reykjavik, unpack.
May 4th: Hallgrimskirkja Church, Te Og Kaffe, Myconceptstore, Reykjavik town center
May 5th: Reykjavik Art Museum, Blue Lagoon
May 6th: Tattoo @ Reykjavik Ink, Landakotskirkja, Harpa
May 7th: Hraunfossar, Barnafoss, Gullfoss,  Svartifoss, Skogafoss
May 8th: Vik, Hella
May 9th: Geysir
May 10th: Say goodbye to Felix, fly to Seattle

There are hundreds of photos to help me always remember the trip and I want to share each aspect of it in this space.

For now, I’ll just share some random photos that don’t really have a place but are worthwhile anyway.

2015.05 Iceland - City Emblem
2015.05 Iceland - Tiny Church
2015.05 Iceland - Lover's Lock
2015.05 Iceland - Lena
2015.05 Iceland - Lena & Felix
2015.05 Iceland - Condom
2015.05 Iceland - Myconceptstore 2
2015.05 Iceland - Myconceptstore 1
2015.05 Iceland - So cold!
2015.05 Iceland - 3 Musketeers


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