We stood in the cold, scouting out the best view to capture Geysir erupting. I had both my phone and my Canon out to try to get the action on both of them. We stood in silence with ten or twelve people around us even after the first eruption. Then we waited for the second and the third.

Eruption! #iceland #geyser #stokkur #100danasreće #100daysofhappiness

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It felt very quiet and somber, like we were saving our energy bracing ourselves against the wind. Then all of a sudden, after the third eruption, my best friend says “giant fog penis” in reference to the fog slowly drifting away from Geysir. While I was trying to record the eruption. And then the three of us lose ourselves in laughter. It was a blessing that I got it on camera, even though at the time I joked that I’d find a way to dub over his commentary.

Geysir Blooper

IMG_4431 IMG_4430




The drive here was one of the longest we had undertaken on this trip. It was going to take us a good few hours to come here. We woke up early, made breakfast for one another and prepared snacks and sandwiches for the ride there. The boys made sure we had enough food and water to last us days, just in case. I focused on making sure we had our chargers and music-devices.

Vik is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And it’s the first black sand beach I’ve seen in real life. Bonus, it is home to a large amount of puffins! I’m super excited about puffins.


We saw so many of them – but we kept our distance – and focused on taking photos and walking through the rocky beach. I remember reading that you aren’t really meant to interact with the puffin populations, but the temptation was there.


And on the drive back, we drove through a town called Hella. And listened to “Hella Good” because what else do you do in that situation?

feelin' Hella good so lets just keep on dancin' #hella #iceland #hellaselfie

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Seeing a double rainbow at Skogafoss is apparently the norm but I didn’t know that when I got there. It felt so special to see and I’ve never witnessed one before. (Though it did make me think of that ridiculous double rainbow video that blew up on Youtube a few years ago…)


While there isn’t a beautiful bridge to cross the bridge like at Barnafoss, there is a very ridiculous set of stairs that you can climb to get to the top of the waterfall.

All three of us climbed the stairs to see the view. As we climbed, the folks coming down from the top offered encouragement to every group climbing up. It was such a warm day for the climb. But as we climbed higher, the wind picked up and cooled us off. I had hopes that somehow the overlook of the waterfalls would get us on top of the waterfall itself. There’s something so beautiful about the water rushing beneath your feet, but who knows if I would have trusted it, that far off the ground.


Hraunfossar & Barnafoss

We accidentally visited the waterfalls on one of the coldest days in Iceland. As we drove there, we watched the temperature reading in the car drop and drop… all the way down to -1C.


There was a plaque at Barnafoss letting us know that the name for the waterfall comes from two boys who tried to cross a natural stone-bridge there and died. When their mother found out what happened, she destroyed the bridge so that nobody would ever have to drown there.

#fromwhereistand road trip day! first up: waterfalls

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I was so stunned by how blue the water was and how loud the waterfalls were – even before we reached the falls, walking up to them we had to raise our voices to speak to one another. This was the only waterfall we visited with a bridge across it, allowing you to look down and see the water rushing beneath your feet. It felt energizing standing in the middle of the bridge – it made me want to hike all around the waterfalls and spend as much time there as I could. We got lucky in our timing and made it to the waterfalls when only one other couple was there – we ran like wild to take photos and explore.

A video from the bridge: Barnafoss Video

IMG_4189 IMG_4191 IMG_4181 IMG_4196



Harpa is such a visually striking part of the Reyjavik waterfront. Despite driving and walking by it for a few days, we never had enough time to walk in and really view it. We finally made time on day 6 after Felix and I got our tattoos. More on that later.

Harpa strongly reminded me of the odd shapes and style of the Seattle Public Library. I find that people either love or hate the design of it. I’m in the ‘love’ camp, so Harpa felt warm and inviting to me with its many windows and minimalist colour scheme.

The first floor of Harpa has a gorgeous tourist shop with some ~artsy~ items. The second and third floors have auditoriums and seating for those who seem to just want to admire the building. We climbed the stairs and sat down to take detailed photos of the beautiful building. And when we looked up at the stairwell of the third floor, a group of girls wearing white dresses walked out and started practicing a song. It was such a beautiful moment, and all three of us fumbled to start recording them. Due to the acoustics of Harpa, they sounded like a choir of angels.

It felt like a moment where I was at the right place at the right time.



2015.05 - Landakotskirkja - 8
2015.05 - Landakotskirkja -1
2015.05 - Landakotskirkja - 2

This was the first place I visited after I got my tattoo at Reykjavik Ink. I stopped in and the place was almost entirely empty. There were decorations – fresh flowers, tulle, ribbons – for a wedding meant to happen in a few hours. I feel like I spent hours sitting there, taking it all in. By the time I begun my walk back to the tattoo parlor, Felix’s piece was already completed.

If I had to pick, this was my favourite church to visit in Iceland.

2015.05 - Landakotskirkja - 6
2015.05 - Landakotskirkja - 3
2015.05 - Landakotskirkja - 5
2015.05 - Landakotskirkja - 7

Reykjavik Art Museum

2015.05 - Reykjavik Art Museum - 6

The Reykjavik Art Museum was a chance find. I knew of its existence but I didn’t think we’d have time to stop by and enjoy it fully. Felix found, I think, his favourite souvenir here in the form of tarot cards re-interpreted, re-imagined.

2015.05 - Reykjavik Art Museum - 5
2015.05 - Reykjavik Art Museum - 4
2015.05 - Reykjavik Art Museum - 3
2015.05 - Reykjavik Art Museum - 2
2015.05 - Reykjavik Art Museum - 7
2015.05 - Reykjavik Art Museum - 1

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