Tiny Apartment Dreams

2015.03 Apartment View
2015.03 Apartment Selfie
2015.03 Apartment Frame

Every article I’ve read about a woman living alone is one of defending it.

The Broadway Building has been my dream apartment for years and I finally have my open-1-bedroom-park-view piece of it. I’ve never had the chance to live alone; I’m not sure what to expect from it. I wonder if things are supposed to feel a certain way when I experience them and then catch myself – it feels how it feels, there isn’t any “supposed to” about this situation.

Most of the advice I’ve received about living alone is that it will change me. 

The apartment feels more like home since I’ve unpacked. As I write this, I’m watching people skate in the park and play basketball. Some days there is bike polo. Some days they play dodgeball. I live around the corner from my favourite bookshop and if I get lonely, I can take long walks and lose myself in the vibrancy of Capitol Hill. And that’s all I need these days.

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