The Last Bookstore

IMG_3263I can now cross this place off of my bucket list.

The Last Bookstore is a sprawling book selling/art-creating destination. They sell new books, old books, $1 books – all while surrounding you with art, artist studios where you can see artists working and lots of weird spaces. I love weird bookstores, bookstores with history. And let’s be honest, I just really love piling up books (even if it will take me some time to get to them).

I was quite taken with their shelf dedicated to only Los Angeles authors.

IMG_3265Parts of the bookstore were a little creepy. Perhaps it was that I walked in so close to closing time, but deciding to walk through a maze-like gallery took more nerve than I like admitting. It sounded like the start of a horror movie – and I already hate horror movies.

The Last Bookstore // Art II


Obligatory artsy photo of our reflection in the balcony window pane of an artist workshop. It is a shame I did not think to photograph the artists name, but the inside of their studio was quite strange and appealing – like the inside of a Penny Dreadful episode (is anyone else watching that?)


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