Over the last few months, I’ve listened to MØ (actual name Karen Marie) more than any other group or individual. Every song on “No Mythologies to Follow” is one I like, but there are quite a few I love. This show was the first time the artist was in Seattle and she played at the first-closed-but-then-gloriously-reopened Crocodile venue.

The album features quite a few upbeat songs (think of Grimes) but balances it out with ‘night versions’ of some of the upbeat songs that re-do the music composition and the lyrics (think of Lykke Li’s second album).

We had dinner at Local 360, whose mantra is that they only source food from within 360 miles of Seattle. It was our first time going and the food was amazing, but the feel of the place was just perfect for a warm summer day.



A new-to-me artist, Erik Hassle, started off the show. He played an altogether too-short set – I quite liked his music (and looked him up after the show). I fell in love with the song “Pathetic.”


The show itself was action-packed and Karen Marie danced from the first song to the last, often times literally in the audience or on top of the audience (she crowd-surfed while signing from the last third of the show). I admit I’m a little too used to sitting during a show or standing without moving much – this was not that show. The band and Karen Marie were so enthusiastic & energetic that it spread – I jumped during most of the songs, yelled the lyrics and danced when I wasn’t jumping. I tried so hard to grab good photos and videos, but for the most part, it all looked like a blur.

I also struck up conversation with the person sitting next to me who had a very impressive camera setup for the show, Kirk Stauffer. He was shooting for Backbeat Seattle that night and I can’t wait to see the shots he got (I imagine they were much less blurry than mine).


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  1. I’m getting paid on Friday and plan on ordering this on vinyl 😀 So excited now. You always have great music suggestions! Sounds like it was an all around great night! Oh, and Grimes is playing new stuff tonight! Can’t wait for her new album 😀

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