Griffith Observatory

IMG_3252If you have a Google phone, it sometimes tells you “oh – you’re near somewhere cool, if you, like, wanna go” (but in slightly less Valley Girl style). It did this with the Griffith Observatory on the second to last day of the California trip. On a whim, we decided to go.

The observatory is breathtaking. Each detail of the building is designed with great intention but somehow, it doesn’t feel over-designed. It is perched on a hill among hills, with a gorgeous view of the famed Hollywood sign and, more interestingly, of the whole city. With the observatory acting as ‘the sun’ there are gold inlays in the pavement around it to represent the planets in our solar system.

IMG_3236The inside of the planetarium contains all of the colour that the outside is missing.The middle of the observatory is taken up by a very large planetarium space. Front and center though, is the Foucault Pendulum.

We went in for a show inside the planetarium about the ‘end of the universe’ and our understanding of time. It wasn’t a long show or anything, but I was impressed with it. I haven’t ever been inside of a planetarium of this size, and the way it was rendered was just beautiful. I wish I could have taken photos (we weren’t allowed to).



IMG_3254Bonus shot of a rich people neighborhood with a view somewhere near Malibu Beach.



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