IMG_3076As part of the California adventure, my husband thought I should experience Disneyland and California Adventure. I’ve somehow made it to age 25 without having ever gone (my parents weren’t big on ‘kid’ vacations).

Things I’ve learned from having actually now gone to Disneyland:

  1. Fastpasses are godsends. Always have a fastpass to something.
  2. It’s perfectly okay to leave the park at 2 PM and come back at 5 PM when it isn’t 90+ degrees outside.
  3. There are amazing social clubs whose ‘thing’ is that they go to Disneyland a lot. If we lived in California, I’d befriend the Neverlanders.

Coincidentally enough, I ran into the Neverlanders while observing rule 2 (reading and relaxing in the shade near the Alice in Wonderland area) during one of their official meetups – seeing how much they were enjoying each others company made me happy.

IMG_3074We also accidentally showed up for Bat Day 2014 (the annual goth meetup) where a few friends and famous-goths from Seattle also joined us in Disney-adventure.

It’s safe to say I’d like to go back at some point, to do it all over again but better this time since I know what I like and how to best enjoy my time. Also because some of the rides we were most looking forward to were closed (Pirates & the Caribbean, Finding Nemo!).






One response to Disneyland!

  1. Looks like a wonderful time. I have a soft spot for Disneyland Paris and have been there twice in the past few years. It makes me happy in a silly but wonderful way? I don’t know if the attractions over here are the same as in the US, but the Finding Nemo rollercoaster is a lot of fun (and just scary enough to not have me ultra-nervous), but sadly so popular and no fastpasses that it takes a very long wait.

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