Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel

I must admit, I was taken aback with Los Angeles. It wasn’t the glittering place I expected it to be and once I saw that, I wondered if I made a mistake allotting as much time for seeing the city, etc. Even the glamour of the shops along Rodeo Drive couldn’t make me feel better.

When I finally made it near the Ace Building, things started feeling and looking more like I imagined – it was the bustling downtown environment I’d hoped for, and… the Ace building is gorgeous. Without any planning on my part, I lucked into a room on the 13th floor with a beautiful view. There’s still something a little evil about staying on the 13th floor, seeing the lift stop with the number 13 showing on the screen. The aesthetic for the hotel felt very sexy and dark – black walls and black doors, striking restored architectural details, everything incredibly minimalist amidst all of the detail.

The roof of the hotel, which I regret seeing only hours before I left LA, featured the same beautiful architectural detail but also what looked like a quirky bar and pool combo. I guess there’s always next time.

(P.S. the gratuitous food photo is from L.A. Chapter – where my first and only celebrity sighting happened – Busy Phillips of, to me, Dawson’s Creek fame!)


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